Although many students assume the expense of pursuing a graduate degree on their own, there is an opportunity for sponsors – whether family members, friends, or organizations – to offer an admitted MBA candidate a uniquely valuable training experience that will increase his or her overall chances of success.

For parents, supporting a son or daughter who is about to embark on business school and wants to participate in The Practice MBA® Summer Forum is a way to spend a relatively small amount of money to ensure that the much greater investment in business school proves worthwhile.

In our experience, the work-load intensity and steep learning curve faced by incoming MBAs during the first months of school coincide with a time period during which they must make important decisions about how to direct their efforts – from pursuing academic honors to entering business competitions, to preparing and positioning themselves for the internship job search. The true challenge to doing well in this context is embodied not by a lack of resources, but by the need to cope with an overwhelming amount of choice while adjusting to the elevated performance standards that govern the academic, recruiting, and extracurricular realms.

By focusing on MBA career strategy, on hard and soft skills that impact all aspects of personal performance in business school, and on the culture and language transition process faced by international students, The Practice MBA® Summer Forum provides the only comprehensive pre-MBA educational program focused on minimizing risk and improving success rates for rising MBAs.

We have collectively worked with hundreds of students attending elite business programs, and we look forward to continuing to do so at a point in time adjacent to the academic calendar when we believe we can achieve the maximum impact.

In addition to the core Summer Forum curriculum, we’ve created opportunities for students to enjoy social and outdoor activities that take advantage of the urban attractions of Seattle and the idyllic summertime climate of the Pacific Northwest. In 2018, we’re also proud to offer a Practice MBA® Wilderness Skills course, held in conjunction with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Washington’s Central Cascade Range.

Please contact to learn more about sponsoring a rising MBA student.